canine behaviour and dog training

Force-free training and canine behaviour in Jersey

DogWorks offers dog training and canine behaviour services in Jersey, Channel Islands.
  • Do you want to give your labrador the best start in life?
  • Would you like your springer to come when called?
  • Are you struggling to manage your cocker's chasing?
  • Do you want training which is structured and supportive?
  • Would you like to do the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme?
  • Is there anything you would like your dog to do? Or not to do?
DogWorks is here to help.
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Dog training classes

DogWorks offers classes designed specifically with dog sports in mind.

Whether you have a rescue dog, a new puppy, or want to teach your old dog some new tricks, we are here to help.
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Behaviour problems?

We have many behavioural services available, for all breeds of dog.

As Jersey’s Certified BAT Instructor, Jo specialises in canine aggression.
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