canine behaviour and dog training

Products we like

You can spend a fortune on dog products. And some of them are a waste of money.

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Rely on someone else doing the work for you, that’s how! Here are our findings…
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Walking equipment

The number one recommendation is a front-fastening harness.

We would especially recommend the Perfect Fit and Freedom harnesses. We sourced these harnesses because we believe in them so much.

We would not recommend attaching a lead to a flat collar. To learn why, have a read of this article by Emily Larlham (kikopup).

For ID tags, check out Indigo collar tags, which slide onto the dog’s harness or collar and have no moving parts. They are silent and don’t snag.

Bin all flexi-leads!! Flexi-leads teach your dog to pull on the lead: The dog pulls against the tension and gets more lead!

Train your dog to have a reliable recall and you won’t need a flexi. Until then, use a 10m long-line such as this great waterproof biothane line made by Heim.

We do not recommend head-collars, because they are an aversive.

That means they are designed to cause discomfort for the dog. Along with other aversives, they are not allowed at DogWorks.

See the video below, for more info on how head-collars work.
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We firmly believe that raw food is the healthiest way to feed your dog.

We recommend feeding a raw complete mince, which will contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs - and rotating around various flavours, for variety and to ensure all nutritional needs are covered.

The 'easiest' raw complete mince to get started with, is Country Hunter. This comes as small nuggets which defrost quickly and without mess. It is available island-wide, in all pet shops.

We would highly recommend Nutriment, also - and believe that the ingredients and quality of Nutriment are better than Country Hunter, since Nutriment also contains organ meat and other nutraceuticals like spirulina. Nutriment is available in the Pet Cabin pet shops.

If you don't want to feed a raw food, but want to feed something healthier than kibble - or if you want to feed something you can train with - we would recommend Ziwipeak.

This is an air-dried raw food you can handle. It has to be ordered online. At first glance, it is expensive - but you don't feed very much of it!

If you want to read impartial reviews of any dog food, check out All About Dog Food.
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There are some toys which every dog needs, for mental stimulation and enrichment.

  1. Kongs, or similar food puzzles (ie Squirrel Dude)
  2. Treat dispensers (Tug-a-Jug; Kong Wobbler; Buster cube)
  3. Simple rope tuggies
  4. Chew toys (Nylabones; Sporn Marrowbones; deer antlers etc)

Bits & pieces

Dog jumpers: Equafleece
Dog beds: Tuffies
Car cages/tail-gates/dog-guards: Barnesbrook OR Guardsman OR Barjo
Car rear-seat protectors: Over-the-top

Dogs should be secured in vehicles, so if you don’t have a cage or dog-guard and tail-gate combo, then you’ll need a harness and a doggie seat-belt plug.
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