canine behaviour and dog training

MAT Pack

A MAT Pack follows after a behavioural consultation, if mat training would be helpful for your dog.
Where: At your house
Length of course: 3x 1-2-1 sessions
For: Dogs which react to doorbells; knockers; strangers coming to the door or into the house; or strangers passing by outside. This may be by barking (out of fear, aggression or excitement) or jumping up at the stranger or window.
Fees: £115 (for 3 sessions)

What is mat training?

With mat training, we train a dog to target a mat at times when someone is coming to the door.

The dog lies on the mat, whilst the handler answers the door. The handler releases the dog when the stranger has gone.

Want to know more?

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Topics covered

MAT Packs cover:
  • Equipment (type of mat)
  • Shaping a targeting behaviour
  • Distance (of handler from dog & of dog from mat)
  • Duration (of Down Stay on the mat)
  • Distractions (of knockers; bells; human voices; strangers - both during targeting and Down Stay)
  • Adding a cue word (‘Mat’ or ‘Place’)
  • Counter-conditioning and desensitisation to triggers (bells; knockers; voices)
  • Using a trigger as a cue to target the mat
  • Relaxation on the mat
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