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APDT Adult Beginner Award

The APDT Adult Beginner Award course is the follow-on class after Puppy Foundation and also the intake class for dogs older than 20wks.
When: Friday at 8pm
Where: St Brelade's church hall
Next course start date: Fri 19th March 2021
Length of course: 8 weeks
For: Dogs older than 20wks
Fees: £150 (for 8 week course)

Why Adult Beginner?

The Adult Beginner Award is a fast-moving course which covers all the dog-training basics and provides a solid foundation for future training.

Successful dogs will receive their APDT Adult Beginner certificate and rosette.

After this, dogs can progress to the APDT Foundation, Progress and Jubilee Awards to continue their dog's training.

We use clicker training in all our classes and a free clicker is provided.
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Topics covered

The Adult Beginner Award covers:
  • Sit - word, hand signal and whistle cue
  • Recall - word and whistle
  • Recall - away from distractions
  • Down - word and hand signal
  • Sit-Stay (30 seconds)
  • Sit-Stay (walk around the dog)
  • Control at doorways
  • No jumping up
  • Loose-lead walking
  • Leave
  • Controlled tug play
  • Control around food
  • Response to name

Want to know more?

I had never used the clicker before and I’m really impressed - it works brilliantly! Even if you have never needed to go to a training class before, I would highly recommend this one. The tips Jo gave were brilliant and having someone there to email with questions and receive advice and help from when needed, was of huge value. Would I recommend it, YES, without a doubt. Just wish I had heard of DogWorks earlier, then I could have joined the puppy classes first.
Nadja & Gracie
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