force-free dog training in Jersey

Cooperative Care

Cooperative Care is a field of dog training which focusses on training a dog to 'cooperate' in their own 'care'.

This is a unique group class which will equip you and your dog with the skills needed to be able to meet your dog's physical needs.

Many dogs accept their owner performing such tasks, but become very afraid when the vet or groomer attempts them.
When: Wednesdays 7-8pm
Where: St Brelades
Next course start date: Weds 6th Nov 2019
Length of course: 8 weeks
For: All dogs and all breeds, of all ages
Fees: £80 (for 8 week course)

Fear-Free Certified Professional Trainer

Jo is a Fear-Free Certified Professional Trainer.

This means she has completed advanced training in cooperative care and animal husbandry.
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It can take some time to work on husbandry behaviours, because we are changing how the dog feels about them.

Few people can afford to pay for dozens of 1-2-1 behavioural sessions to make this progress, leaving people with no recourse to work on this material.

So Jo decided to create an affordable group class to enable people to make real progress at their own pace with ongoing help.

Topics covered

Cooperative Care includes:
  • Understanding Fear, Anxiety and Stress in dogs (FAS)
  • Vet Scavenger Hunts for positive associations at the vet
  • Conditioning a Training Station at home
  • The Calm Marker cue
  • Mat targeting for exams and scale weigh-ins
  • The Bucket Game (by Chirag Patel)
  • Chin Rests for consent
  • Through-the-legs - position for blood draws
  • The 'Check' cue - for checking out equipment
  • Body Handling exercises
  • Nail clipping and how to make a scratch board
  • Grooming
  • Ear and eye drop administration
  • Temperature-taking
  • Working with a 'stranger'
  • How to progress this training at your vet's
And much more!

Want to know more?

I recommend your classes to everyone I meet. Usually because they approach me to ask how I’m getting Kizzy to do something.
Lynn & Kizzy
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