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KC Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

After you've passed the Pre-Bronze Award, you will be able to progress through the KC Good Citizen Scheme.

You will begin with the KC Bronze Award and move onto Silver and then Gold.
When: Friday or Wednesday evenings
Where: St Brelades’ church hall
Next course start date: TBC
Length of course: 8 weeks (for each level)
For: Dogs which have passed the Pre-Bronze Award
Fees: £80 (for each 8 week course)

An extremely well-trained dog

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme was set up by the UK Kennel Club to train and encourage canine 'good citizens'.

Exercises are designed to be practical and useful.

You will progress from training which is indoors (at Bronze level), to outdoor exercises (at Silver and Gold levels).

On successful completion of the awards, dogs will be awarded KC Good Citizen certificates and rosettes.
Your handouts describe each exercise step-by-step with video material to illustrate the different points. At the beginning of the course, I couldn’t imagine how we could achieve a perfect retrieve. But, hey presto, by the end of 6 weeks we were almost there!
Nicola & Charlie
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Topics covered

You can see what's involved at the various levels, here:

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