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Gundog Training

More information about the gundog training classes can be found at our 'other' website, Galody Gundogs.

Gundog training is only available for dogs which have passed their Bronze Good Citizen Scheme in our indoor classes.

(If your dog has passed their Bronze elsewhere, they would need to pass their Silver Good Citizen via our indoor classes, before starting gundog training.)

For ALL gundogs

ALL gundogs will benefit from attending gundog training - even if you never want to work your dog as a gundog.
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How does gundog training help?

Gundog training gives you the skills to become an active partner in your dog’s outdoor experiences.

If you want to have control over your dog around the highest distractions possible, gundog training can enable you to achieve this.

Gundog training is an excellent form of physical and mental exercise for dogs. It gives your dog a chance to do what they were bred for.

It provides dogs with an appropriate outlet for natural behaviours and this reduces the risk of behavioural problems developing.
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Gundogs have been bred, for generations, to have strong hunting instincts and to be interested in finding game.

Without focussed training, you’re likely to run into difficulties keeping control of your dog on a country walk!

Your dog is likely to teach him/herself that hunting and game are far more interesting than you.
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