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Puppy Playgroup

Puppy Playgroup focuses on early socialisation and the prevention of future behavioural problems.
When: Wednesdays 8-8.30pm
Where: St Brelades church hall
Next course start date: JOIN ANY WEDNESDAY (please email first!)
Length of course: 4 weeks
For: Puppies from 9-14wks at their first class
Fees: £30 (for 4 week course)

Off-lead socialisation

Puppy Playgroup is designed to meet the needs of baby puppies.

You can start Playgroup any week. It is ideal to join whilst waiting for a start date on the Puppy Foundation course.

Playmates for your puppy are carefully selected, so that your puppy gains confidence if she is shy.

Research shows that having positive experiences with other dogs at a very young age greatly reduces the chances of a dog developing aggression towards other dogs, later.
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Topics covered

Puppy Playgroup covers issues relating to socialisation with people and other dogs, including:
  • Off-leash socialisation with other puppies
  • What 'good' play looks like
  • When to intervene in puppy play
  • How too much rough play can create canine bullies
  • Socialisation exercises with people

Want to know more?

The fact that I have a dog who is so calm, friendly, easy-going, playful and unperturbed by other dogs, has so much to do with her early positive and safe, experiences at Playgroup.
Debbie & Ruby
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