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Freedom harnesses

DogWorks stocks and sells Freedom harnesses, as modelled by Grey on the right.

But, first…

Why use a harness?

There are many health reasons why a harness is preferable to a collar.

Emily Larlham (Kikopup on YouTube), has written a great blog post outlining these reasons, called ‘Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?’.

A front-fastening harness will also give you much more control and decrease pulling, when compared with a collar.
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Two attachment points

Freedom harnesses have a front-attachment point on the dog’s chest.

They also have a back-attachment point on the dog’s spine.

You can:
  • Use the back-attachment to attach a long-line to, for recall practice.
  • Use the front-attachment, to prevent pulling and increase control.
Freedom harnesses also come with a double-ended lead.

So you can use both front and back attachment points at once, giving you stability and balance.

How the Freedom harness works

Does your dog pull?

Due to its flexibility, the Freedom harness suits any dog which needs a harness.

However, Freedom harnesses are particularly effective for dogs which are pullers; for large or strong dogs; or for dogs which jump up.

The degree of control you will have with a Freedom harness, is more than you will have with a collar or a purely back-fastening harness.
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Sizes and prices

Measure the girth of your dog.

(Behind the front legs and up to the dog’s spine.)

XS - 14-20” - £25
S - 18-24” - £26
M - 22-28” - £28
L - 26-32” - £30
XL - 30-38” - £30
XXL - 36-44” - £32

Special features

  • Front and back D-rings for attachment
  • Double-ended lead for attachment to both front and back, at once
  • Soft velvet belly strap to prevent chafing behind front legs
  • Martingale connection on the dog’s back, for added security
  • Does not restrict front leg movement - safe to leave on when the dog is running off-lead
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Want to know more?

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