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Every now and again, I come across really superb products which I believe in. I find them when looking for the best stuff to train my own dogs with.

The Perfect Fit and Freedom harnesses are just such products!

Why use a harness?

DogWorks stocks and sells the Perfect Fit and Freedom harnesses.

These two harnesses are far superior to anything else on the market. I know this, because I've tried everything else on the market!
There are many health reasons why a harness is preferable to a collar.

Emily Larlham (Kikopup on YouTube), has written a great blog post outlining these reasons, called ‘Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?’.

A front-fastening harness will also give you much more control and decrease pulling, when compared with a collar.
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Which harness should I get?

We recommend the Perfect Fit for:

• All puppies up to 6 months
• All small and medium breed dogs
• Dogs of all sizes whose owners are not struggling with control

We recommend the Freedom harness for:

• Dogs which are strong pullers or high energy or for owners wanting more control

To discuss the differences between the two harnesses, please get in touch.
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Two attachment points

Both the Perfect Fit and the Freedom harness have a front-attachment point on the dog’s chest.

They both also have a back-attachment point on the dog’s spine.

You can:
  • Use the back-attachment to attach a long-line to, for recall practice.
  • Use the front-attachment, to prevent pulling and increase control.
  • Use both front and back attachment points at once, with a double-ended lead - giving you stability, control and balance.
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The Perfect Fit harness

The Freedom harness

Freedom harnesses are particularly effective for:

• Dogs which have already learnt to pull on the lead
Large or strong dogs
• Owners who are struggling with control

The Freedom harness comes with a double-ended lead.
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Measuring your dog's girth

Whether you would like a Perfect Fit or a Freedom harness, please measure the girth of your dog in centimetres.

The video below shows how to measure the girth.

Please also let me know your dog's breed and age.

Choose your preferred colour for the top piece, from the chart on the right.


Perfect Fit

Tiny - £33
15mm - £33
20mm - £38
40mm - £48

Double-ended leads - £4
Freedom harness

Medium - £28
Large - £30
XL - £30

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Perfect Fit

  • Front and back D-rings for attachment
  • Double-ended lead available for attachment to both front and back, at once
  • Can be unclipped around the 'collar' of the harness for dogs which dislike harnesses going over their heads
  • Soft fleece material around entire harness for your dog's comfort
  • 'Perfectly' fits your dog, with three separate custom component parts (Front, Top and Girth)
  • The Top component is available in 13 different colours
  • Does not restrict front leg or shoulder movement at all

Freedom harness

  • Front and back D-rings for attachment
  • Attachment points are located to maximise control
  • Double-ended lead included for attachment to both front and back, at once
  • The harness of choice for maximum control
  • Soft velvet belly strap to prevent chafing behind front legs
  • Martingale connection on the dog’s back, for added security
  • Available in a variety of colours (dependent on what we have in stock)

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Want to know more?

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