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DogWorks offers cost-effective microchipping for dogs and cats, with Petlog registration.
When: At your convenience
Where: At your house or at St Brelade’s hall
For: Puppies & kittens (from 6wks), dogs and cats
Fees: £15 for first animal, £10 for additional animals

Compulsory microchipping

If you plan on taking your pet abroad, chipping is already a requirement for the Pet Travel Scheme.

In addition, from April 2016, it will be law that ALL dogs in the UK are chipped by 8wks of age.

It remains to be seen whether this legislation will be adopted by Jersey, but it is likely.
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Our chipping services

Jo has completed a Secretary of State approved training course, offered by Peddymark and is qualified to chip dogs and cats.

Jo is happy to come to your house to chip your pet, so your pet remains calm and happy in their familiar environment.

Breeders in particular might appreciate the convenience of having a home visit to chip a litter.

If you are attending training classes, your dog can be chipped after class finishes.

It costs just £15 for one animal to be chipped, and £10 for each subsequent animal.

This includes registration with Petlog.

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April 2016

As explained in detail here, the UK law comes into effect in April 2016.
  • A dog’s breeder must always be the first keeper of the dog, on the microchip.
  • The breeder’s details will always remain on the chip, enabling the dog to be traced back to the breeder throughout his/her life.
  • It will be the breeder’s legal responsibility to have their puppies chipped and registered by 8wks at the latest.
  • It will be the keeper’s legal responsibility to ensure the chip details are kept up to date.
  • Northern Ireland: Compulsory microchipping became a requirement for a dog licence in 2012.
  • Wales: Introducing compulsory chipping alongside England in April 2016.
  • Scotland: Introducing compulsory chipping in 2016.
  • Jersey…?
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