force-free dog training in Jersey

Online Training

Would you like to train with me online?

  • Access to high quality training, wherever you live: It can be hard to access excellent force-free training in many locations around the world.
  • Start any week: Begin a course whenever you like, there's no wait.
  • Learning aids: Detailed handout sheets, each week. Videos accompany the handouts.
  • Access to a Closed Facebook group: Join a group specific to your course. Meet other students following the course. Post videos of your training to get feedback from me.
  • Five week courses: Courses last five weeks. You will have permanent access to the material to follow at your own pace.
  • Qualified trainer: Jo has worked hard to achieve reputable and respectable qualifications. Check out this page to learn more.
  • Structure: Behaviours are taught in a specific order. Each week of a course builds on the previous week. Each course builds on the previous course.
  • Ethics: DogWorks uses only effective methods which cause no pain or fear. Jo works in accordance with the ethical codes of her accrediting bodies. Your dog is in safe hands.
You’ve trained me to know how to keep on training Rosie…
Phillippa & Rosie

Any questions…?

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