force-free dog training in Jersey

Clicker Retrieve

Clicker Retrieve is a 5wk online course, enabling you to fit training around your daily schedule.

We have had dogs all over the world taking this online course!
When: At your convenience
Where: In your house, yard and then out and about near you
Next course start date: Whenever you are ready
Length of course: 5 weeks
For: Any breed of dog, living anywhere
Fees: £35 (for 5 week course)

The force-free version of force-fetch

Is Fido playing keep-away and refusing to bring you the dummy? Is Rover ignoring the bumper and won't pick it up? Is Flo dropping it on the floor at your feet?

You need the Clicker Retrieve course!

Using 'shaping', this course breaks the retrieve down into its component parts and reconstructs it.

This course has had huge success with dogs which have struggled to retrieve using any other method.

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I tried several other versions of the clicker retrieve, before stumbling across this one. This is an amazing course, the only course which has been able to get my dog retrieving reliably. Thank you so much, Jo!
David and Bert
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Topics covered

Clicker Retrieve covers:
  • What is 'shaping'?
  • Building a retrieve from component parts
  • Looking at the dummy
  • Touching the dummy
  • Pick-ups on the dummy
  • Hand-targeting for delivery
  • Developing drive
  • Proofing the hold against food (for water deliveries)
  • Generalisation to different locations, objects and game

How does it work?

Clicker Retrieve is a 5wk online course.

Receive an email weekly, giving you fun training exercises and activities to build a solid foundation recall behaviour.

Do your training whenever you have spare time.

If you follow this course thoroughly, you are almost guaranteed results.

Want to know more?

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