force-free dog training in Jersey

Walk with Me

Walk with Me is a 5wk online course, enabling you to fit training around your daily schedule.

We have had dogs all over the world taking this online course!
When: At your convenience
Where: In your house, yard and then out and about near you
Next course start date: Whenever you are ready
Length of course: 5 weeks
For: Any breed of dog, living anywhere
Fees: £35 (for 5 week course)

Focus on practical heelwork and loose-lead walking

Is Rover pulling you over? Is Fido towing you around? Is Flo choking herself?

You need the Walk with Me course!

In a step-by-step way, this course builds heelwork from foundation behaviours right through to advanced heelwork around distractions.

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I have gone from being towed around, to gaining my KC Working Gundog Certificate. This course is amazing.
Celia & Harvey
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Topics covered

Walk with Me covers:
  • Understanding how to use environmental reinforcers
  • Basic heelwork - The Hand Goes Up and Down, The Repositioning Move
  • Heelwork 'add-ons' - Engagement Breaks, The Stop When I Stop Game, A Dog In Front is a Dog Behind, Be A Tree, the Go Sniff Game
  • Prep for retriever walk-ups: The Good Stuff is in Front Game, the Food Bowl exercise
  • How to hold everything
  • Equipment - harnesses, treat pouches
  • Working around distracting scent

How does it work?

Walk with Me is a 5wk online course.

Receive an email weekly, giving you fun training exercises and activities to build a solid foundation recall behaviour.

Do your training whenever you have spare time.

If you follow this course thoroughly, you are almost guaranteed results.

Want to know more?

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