canine behaviour and dog training


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School Packs

School Packs are a discounted set of three 1-2-1s, covering the same material as our group training classes.

For example, you can take Junior School as a School Pack, which is three 1-2-1s, instead of six group sessions.

School Packs lead to a certificate and School Report at the end of the course, and progression to the next course.

School Packs cost £150 for the three 1-2-1s. This includes a clicker, handouts, certificate and assessment.

More info on 1-2-1s?

Classes or 1-2-1s?

Whether you opt for classes or 1-2-1s, you will be the person who trains your dog - not us!

Our training classes are a better option than 1-2-1s, for most dogs.


  • Our classes run as 6wk courses, so we can support you over a longer period of time for the best results.
  • In a class, your dog will be able to practise focussing on you, around other dogs and distractions.
  • If you have a puppy, attending a class will be a valuable socialisation experience with other dogs and people.
But if you can’t make our classes, then our 1-2-1s are the next best thing!
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Aggression or fear?

If your dog is fearful or aggressive towards people or other dogs, a general training class isn’t the place for you and might make your dog’s behaviour worse.

But you do need a special sort of 1-2-1, too. Rather than our regular 1-2-1s, take a look at our behavioural services.
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