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Puppy Playgroup

Puppy Playgroup is run in conjunction with New Era vets.
When: Tuesdays - 8-9pm
Where: New Era Vets, St Saviour
Next course start date: JOIN ANY TUESDAY
Length of course: 3 weeks
For: All breeds of puppy from 1st jabs (8wks)
Fees: £20 (for 3 week course)

Off-lead socialisation

Puppy Playgroup is designed to meet the needs of the very young puppy.

All breeds of puppy are very welcome at Playgroup.

Playgroup involves closely supervised off-leash socialisation. Playmates for your puppy are carefully picked, so that your puppy gains confidence.

Research shows that having positive experiences with other dogs at a very young age greatly reduces the chances of a dog developing aggression towards other dogs, later.
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Topics covered

Puppy Playgroup covers issues relating to having a puppy at home, including:
  • Toilet-training
  • Crate training
  • Playbiting
  • Chewing
  • Getting your puppy used to being left alone
  • Socialisation

Want to know more?

The fact that I have a dog who is so calm, friendly, easy-going, playful and unperturbed by other dogs, has so much to do with her early positive and safe, experiences at Playgroup.
Debbie & Ruby
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