canine behaviour and dog training

Puppy School

Puppy School is our 6wk training course, just for puppies!
When: Wednesdays
Where: St Brelades church hall
Next course start date: Weds 28th June 2017 at 7pm
Length of course: 6 weeks
For: Puppies from 2nd vaccination to 20wks at first session
Fees: £80 (for 6 week course)

Socialisation and training, split 50/50

Puppies meet many other puppies each week and also take part in organised socialisation exercises with the people in the class.

Puppies begin clicker training at Puppy School. We cover many essential basic behaviours.

A free clicker is provided.
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Topics covered

Puppy School introduces basic behaviours in a simple way:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Loose-lead walking
  • Recalls
  • No jumping up
  • Leave
  • Response to name

Want to know more?

Puppy School has been fantastic. There is a huge amount of support provided alongside the actual classes, with handouts, tips, videos and advice. We’d highly recommend DogWorks!
Paul & Cooper
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