canine behaviour and dog training

Senior School

Senior School is the follow-on class after Junior School.
When: Wednesdays
Where: St Brelades’ church hall
Next course start date: Weds 28th June 2017
Length of course: 6 weeks
For: Dogs which have passed Junior School
Fees: £60 (for 6 week course)

New behaviours

Senior School introduces the clicker retrieve.

A trained retrieve gives you a great way to exercise your dog, as well as providing the basis for starting our fun gundog training classes.

Senior School also teaches dogs the ‘sit-at-a-distance’.

This can be an important emergency behaviour for times when it is unsafe to call your dog to you, as well as an essential behaviour to stop your dog chasing bunnies or birds!
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Topics covered

Senior School covers:
  • Clicker retrieve
  • Sit-at-a-distance
  • Attention under distractions
  • Sit-Stay (longer duration)
  • Difference between heelwork and loose-lead walking
  • Recalls

Want to know more?

Your handouts describe each exercise step-by-step with video material to illustrate the different points. At the beginning of the course, I couldn’t imagine how we could achieve a perfect retrieve. But, hey presto, by the end of 6 weeks we were almost there!
Nicola & Charlie
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