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Behavioural help

Let us help you put stressful canine behaviour problems behind you!

7 reasons our behavioural help is different…

  • Structure: Start with a behavioural consultation. Progress to: A BAT Pack; a MAT Pack; BAT School; an Alone Pack; or follow-up 1-2-1 work.
  • Classes: DogWorks offers the only group classes in Jersey specifically for dog-aggressive dogs. This makes ongoing help affordable and possible.
  • Qualified trainer: As an Accredited Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant (PCBC-A) and a Certified Behaviour Adjustment Trainer, Jo is highly qualified and experienced when it comes to working with reactive dogs. Check out this page to learn more about qualifications.
  • Ethics: Jo uses only effective methods which cause no pain or fear. She is bound by the ethical codes of her accrediting bodies. Your dog is in safe hands.
  • Level of support: Phone or email, any time during your dog’s treatment, for advice or help. Detailed written advice is given to you after each session. Videos accompany the written advice.
  • Clicker training: This is a revolutionary method of training, which sees incredible results in a short period of time. A free clicker is provided.
You have literally saved my dog’s life. He would have been put to sleep, without your help.
Anna & Sebastian

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