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Every now and again, I come across really superb products which I believe in. I find them when looking for the best stuff to train my own dogs with.

The Comfort Walk Air harness from DOG Copenhagen, is just such a product!
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Why use a harness?

There are many health reasons why a harness is preferable to a collar.

Emily Larlham (Kikopup on YouTube), has written a great blog post outlining these reasons, called ‘Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?’.

A front-fastening harness will also give you much more control and decrease pulling, when compared with a collar.

Any harness questions?

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Two attachment points

If you have a medium-sized dog upwards, you will find a front-attachment point (on the dog's chest) an extremely useful feature.

You can:
  • Use the back-attachment to attach a long-line to, for recall practice.
  • Use the front-attachment, to prevent pulling and increase control.
  • Use both front and back attachment points at once, with a double-ended lead - giving you stability, control and balance.
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The DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Air harness

The features I really like about this harness are:

• A secure - yet easily unfastened - clip at the neck, for dogs which dislike harnesses going over their heads

• A front and back attachment point for more control

• A comfortable and padded material which is a perfect half-way house between webbing and a 'full-coverage' harness

• A harness which does not 'rotate' into the armpits of the dog

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• A harness which has minimal 'gape-age' at the neck when both attachment points are used

• A Y-shaped front, which sits high up and does not impede front leg movement

• Reflective stripes throughout for visibility

• Well-made and good quality fittings with brushed aluminium attachment points

Measuring your dog's girth

Please measure the girth of your dog in centimetres.

To measure the girth, measure around the body, just behind the front legs.

Please also let me know your dog's breed and age.

The harness is available in brown, black, purple, orange, blue and bright pink.

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XS - £36
Small - £40
Medium - £44
Large - £44
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