force-free dog training in Jersey

Training classes

10 reasons our classes are different:

  • Eight week courses: Everyone is ‘new’ at the same time, on most courses. You all progress together.
  • Small class sizes: No more than 6 dogs in each class. 1-2-1 attention. Space around dogs, in class. A great learning environment.
  • Level of support: Detailed handout sheets, each week. Videos accompany the handouts.
  • Qualified trainers: Jo has worked hard to achieve reputable and respectable qualifications. Check out this page to learn more.
  • Structure: Behaviours are taught in a specific order. Each week of a course builds on the previous week. Each course builds on the previous course.
  • Clicker training: This is a revolutionary method of training, which sees incredible results in a short period of time. A free clicker is provided.
  • Ethics: DogWorks uses only effective methods which cause no pain or fear. Jo works in accordance with the ethical codes of her accrediting bodies. Your dog is in safe hands.
  • Certificates: At the end of each course, you’ll receive a certificate for you and your dog.
  • Dog sport foundations: Jo is a huge advocate of dog sports for all dogs, to replace the 'jobs' they have been bred for, and to provide an outlet for natural behaviours - as well as physical and mental stimulation.
You’ve trained me to know how to keep on training Rosie…
Phillippa & Rosie

Any questions…?

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